I fiercely believe in the limitless potential of America. I am running for President to protect and safeguard this immense potential and our freedoms from the imminent threat of total tyranny. The globalists have infiltrated our country, promoting a dehumanizing agenda based on scarcity, fear, and the centralization of power. Their plan, to impose a censorable digital currency (Central Bank Digital Currency – CBDC) and a control system with social credit scores, digital IDs, vaccine passports, and more, must be stopped.

I am not waiting for someone else to take action or pretend to lead our country while caving to the globalist agenda. I bring the right combination of out-of-the-box thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, activism, political expertise, and principled leadership to this fight. I am leading the charge for a people-powered activism movement, rooted in radical non-compliance and a dedicated recommitment to the Constitution. We will overhaul the federal government by replacing the current leadership with outsiders and whistleblowers, restoring integrity and American independence. Join me in this fight to reclaim our free will and restore America as a beacon of hope and unlimited possibility.

The era of pinning our hopes and dreams on politicians to save the day are over. Protecting our freedom starts with We the People saving ourselves by standing up and saying “No”.

  • No to fake/Ponzi money.
  • No to the public health depopulation agenda.
  • No to masks.
  • No to bioweapons masked as vaccines.
  • No to public nutrition guidelines that make us fat, sick, and unable to reproduce.
  • No to being programmed by a mainstream media manipulated by the American Deep state.
  • No to the indoctrination of our children in government schools.
  • No to censorship of free speech through the unholy alliance of big tech and the government surveillance apparatus.

With non-violent resistance as our foundation, we can start to reclaim our power, our freedom, and our nation. 


America has always been a symbol of hope and unlimited possibilities. From the moment our founding fathers declared independence, we have been a nation that embraces free will and strives for greatness. Our boundless spirit, driven by a desire to explore the infinite potential of the human mind and spirit, has made us a shining beacon in a world that often seems consumed by darkness and despair. We are a nation of dreamers, doers, and individuals who believe that anything is possible with determination and effort. This unwavering commitment to our own potential has made America the greatest nation on earth.

However, today, America is in a state of crisis. On a 17-day road trip during the Covid pandemic, I was shocked to barely recognize my own country. As a father of twelve-year-old twins, I was in despair at the rapid decline of a nation that once symbolized liberty and unlimited possibilities, now slipping towards complete authoritarian tyranny. I will never forget my children having to dance in an outdoor recital, masked in the middle of a harsh New Hampshire winter. I will never forget the stay-at-home orders, “non-essential business shutdowns,” and propaganda from the government in collaboration with the media and big tech promoting life-threatening vaccines. I will never forget the inflation caused by the printing of 40% of all dollars ever created, which was given disproportionately to big businesses at the expense of small, family-owned, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Despite publicly opposing these tyrannical actions and refusing the vaccine, I was censored and mocked for my efforts. The pandemic and its aftermath have clearly shown that most of the Bill of Rights has been eroded and our constitutional guarantees diluted beyond recognition. This is not the America our children deserve. The trend towards complete tyranny must be stopped.

We have blindly given our power to “experts” and the government, sacrificing our freedom for a false sense of security. We have gone from resisting a mere 2% tax that sparked the Revolutionary War to tolerating an army of 87,000 armed IRS agents collecting interest for private banks. We have relinquished control over our own rational thoughts, ideas, and free speech for unrelenting fear tactics and censorship from the government and media. We have traded our bodies and health for public health policies that promotes unhealthy nutritional standards and pushed toxic vaccines as the solution to a virus that originated from taxpayer-funded research. We have also surrendered our privacy for a surveillance state where the CDC, NIH, FDA, NSA, DHS, FBI, CIA, and others can spy on us, manipulate our media, and censor us through big tech. On the horizon is even greater loss of liberty at the hands of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the WEF, UN, and other organizations working towards a global takeover of all aspects of our lives and behavior.

Neither President Trump nor Joe Biden has delivered for the American people. Despite Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rhetoric, he increased the national debt by $7 trillion, fueled inflation through reckless monetary policies, favored big corporations over small businesses, and promoted a vaccine program that has caused harm and death globally. Biden has taken these failures to new heights by pushing mandatory harmful vaccines, engaging in unethical dealings with foreign nations, fueling division through identity politics, and pushing us to the brink of World War III.

We The People deserve better.

It is time for a new day for America!