Anti-CBDC Pledge

The Sound Money Safeguard Pledge

In the spirit of preserving economic freedom, sound money and ensuring the financial privacy of every American, I solemnly pledge to the citizens of the United States of America:

  1. Veto Power: If elected, I will unequivocally veto any legislation that seeks to introduce, endorse, or support Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).
  2. Executive Restraint: I will abstain from passing any executive orders that would promote the adoption or development of CBDCs.
  3. Defensive Action: I will employ all available resources and efforts to oppose the establishment of CBDCs.
  4. Public Movement Support: Should a CBDC proposal arise before the election, I pledge to support citizen-led initiatives to halt its progress by promoting the exchange of fiat currency for self-custody assets such as cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver.

This is more than a campaign promise; it is a commitment to uphold the economic freedoms that our nation was built upon. Together, we can ensure that our financial future remains in the hands of the people, not the central banking system.

Presidential Candidates That Have Signed The Anti-CBDC Pledge

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Aaron R. Day 11/10/2023

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