Financial Freedom or Digital Prison? The Future of Money in a CBDC World

Join us for an unparalleled workshop based on the groundbreaking book, “The Final Countdown: Crypto, Gold, Silver, and the People’s Last Stand Against Tyranny by CBDCs.” This isn’t just another financial literacy course. It’s a deep dive into the future of money, sovereignty, and how to battle digital authoritarianism. You will walk away from the event with cryptocurrency, gold, and silver in your physical possession.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

Futuristic Insight with Real-World Implications:

Experience a riveting narrative that brings to life a possible future under global technocracy. Understand the CBDC threat intertwined with Universal Basic Income (UBI), digital IDs, and social credit scores, and realize how these elements are not just fiction but emerging realities.


Uncover the Surveillance State:

Peel back the layers of global surveillance laws punishing freedom at the micro level. Learn how fiction mirrors the chilling truths of our world today. Decipher the Global Technocracy Agenda: Explore the origins, motives, and frighteningly well-organized efforts behind the push for a one-world government. Unmask the architects of control and their vision for our future.


Inside the CBDC Development:

Get an insider’s look at the advancement of CBDCs globally, with a focus on U.S. pilots and political moves suggesting a rollout before the next election cycle. Understand the implications for personal freedom and financial sovereignty.

The Dollar’s Demise and the Fiat Failure:

Analyze the historical trajectory of fiat currencies towards inevitable collapse, and discover why the US dollar is no exception. Prepare for the future by understanding the past.

Cryptocurrency Demystified:

From blockchain basics to navigating the crypto market, learn how digital currencies offer a revolutionary alternative to traditional money. Get equipped to identify the few cryptos that could replace cash.


Navigating Regulatory Storms:

Understand the significant regulatory actions and crackdowns shaping the crypto landscape. Learn to secure your assets against governmental overreach.


The Truth About the Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs):

Explore the controversial case against Bitcoin ETFs and what it means for investors and the broader crypto ecosystem. Gold and Silver Unveiled: Journey through the history of precious metals as the original money. Learn about the risks, rewards, and scandals that have shaped the gold and silver markets.


Empowerment through Self-Custody:

Receive hands-on guidance to set up your crypto wallet, ensuring you leave with digital assets securely in your possession.


Mastering Precious Metals:

A comprehensive guide to acquiring, storing, and securing gold and silver, guaranteeing you leave with tangible wealth in hand. A Comparative Financial Framework: Equip yourself with a broad overview of crypto, gold, silver, fiat, and CBDCs. Make informed decisions with a comprehensive reference guide at your disposal.


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