Facing towering challenges, I put forth a distinct solution grounded in three key pillars, designed to reclaim freedom and unlock boundless potential. As part of the “Rise Up: We the People” movement, my mission is to embolden individuals to stand against global authoritarianism, advocating non-violent resistance and community-led activism.

The “New Day for America” agenda I propose focuses on reinstating the Constitutional rights that have been largely eroded through fabricated crises. This platform will act as a rallying point to enlist GOP candidates nationwide who align with our vision and are resolute in catalyzing genuine change within our government.

Moreover, I am unwavering in my commitment to revive integrity and foster American independence, to cleanse our government of corruption and cronyism. By inviting outsiders and whistleblowers – those brave enough to condemn injustice – we aim to refashion our institutions into paragons of transparency and accountability. This is our opportunity to effect true change, to sculpt a promising future for ourselves, our offspring, and the generations to follow. Stand with me in this endeavor for a brighter tomorrow!

Day 2024 Strategy

Rise-up: We The People 

Stand with me in a revolution fueled by the people, as we reclaim our authority from the clutches of corruption. Through my daring and forward-thinking campaign, I spearhead a movement aimed at empowering individuals via four pivotal initiatives. These initiatives will enable us to regain control over our financial system, health choices, education system, freedom of speech, and governance. Let’s take a stand together and shape our own future.

1. Sound Money for All

Truth: Our prevailing monetary system stands on shaky ground, fostering rampant inflation, pervasive corruption, deep-seated cronyism, and glaring inequality. It’s a forced Ponzi scheme teetering on the brink of disaster, unscrupulously reliant on the financial prospects of our children and future generations to salvage today’s benefactors. Alarmingly, the imminent threat of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) looms, further complicating this volatile scenario. But together, we can rise to challenge this system. 

Transformation: Unleash the Power of Financial Freedom starting with my book “The Final Countdown: Crypto, Gold, Silver, and the People’s Last Stand Against Tyranny by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)”! This work is not merely a book—it’s an urgent call to action and a navigational guide through the increasingly digitized age. This manual navigates the chilling prospect of a looming global authoritarian crisis, juxtaposing dystopian visions of CBDC dominance with today’s unsettling realities. Yet, it’s not a narrative of despair. Instead, it illuminates the path of resistance, emphasizing the critical role of decentralized cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver as potential bulwarks against CBDC oppression. An impassioned plea for financial self-determination, the book arms readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to regain control of their financial destiny. Essential for tech enthusiasts, finance insiders, and everyday individuals concerned about their financial freedom, it’s a rallying cry for vigilance and proactive response in the face of a global shift that could drastically reshape our society and individual freedoms. With practical guides on procuring and safeguarding self-custody cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver, this book offers a holistic strategy to counter the potential onslaught of CBDC authoritarianism. Don’t miss this crucial guide to understanding and surviving the emerging era of digital domination.

2. Health Freedom for All

Truth: Rise up, fellow Americans, and join me in reclaiming our health! The current public health system has abandoned us, driven by a sinister agenda of depopulation and absolute control. We have been misled and misinformed about food and nutrition, fueling the obesity and diabetes epidemics. And now, with the advent of COVID and its deadly vaccines, all cause mortality has reached epic proportions. But, together, we can take back control of our bodies and our health. I am launching a platform for Americans to finally share their stories and shed light on the devastating effects of vaccines, making sure their voices are heard loud and clear. It’s time to take our health into our own hands!

Transformation: We will empower Americans to take control of their health and wellbeing by launching an online platform that delivers uncensored, alternative health information. The platform will be a beacon of truth, shining light on information that has been suppressed by the government and big tech. By giving people access to a diverse range of health information, we will help them make informed choices and take charge of their own well-being. Join us as we fight against censorship and reclaim our right to knowledge and self-care.

3. Unplug from the Matrix

Truth: “We are breaking free from the mental prison of government indoctrination and censorship. Our schools, media, and big tech have long programmed our thoughts and suppressed our voices. But now, we are taking back control and giving a platform to the people to share their stories of oppression at the hands of big tech, mainstream media, and our education system.

Transformation: We will launch an innovative platform that empowers individuals with choices in their education, media, and technology. We will offer access to alternative, unbiased sources of education, media, and technology that will allow us to make informed decisions about our lives and reclaim our perception and free will. Join us in creating a future that is free from censorship, control, and indoctrination.

4.  Expose government corruption

Truth: We stand united in our determination to uncover the truth, no matter how hard they try to bury it. Despite the ongoing corruption of the likes of Epstein, the Clintons, and Bidens, we refuse to be discouraged and demoralized. We will not be silenced, and we can no longer depend on justice from our justice system, as we now know that the CIA/FBI have been directly involved with/covering up the assassination of political (JFK) & civil rights leaders (MLK), protecting elite pedophile rings, manufacturing political dissent, false flags, and much much more. We will crowdsource the truth and amplify it for everyone to see. 

Transformation: We will harness the power of transparency and accountability to take down corruption in every department of the federal government. With our platform, citizens and whistleblowers alike will have a voice, shining a light on the darkness and holding those in power accountable for their actions.

A New Day for America

A New Day for America is my bold and visionary platform to reclaim our Constitution, restore our rights, and revitalize our nation. For too long, both parties have seized upon emergencies to strip away our freedoms – from the Patriot Act to the bank bailouts to the Covid medical tyranny. The next globalist threat is a digital currency that will be used to censor Americans and will be the gateway to social credit scores, vaccine passports, and complete surveillance of all behavior- a threat to free will. I will be releasing the specifics of the platform in the weeks and months ahead. Together, we can galvanize the GOP around a strong platform and secure a mandate to reclaim the Constitution and protect free will.

Americans have lost confidence in their government because politicians have become more loyal to other politicians than to principle. My New Day for America platform will galvanize the Republican Party around a core set of principles that will restore the Constitution and the natural rights of the people.

Restore integrity and American Independence 

America was once a beacon of morality that inspired the world through its actions. However, today we have lost our way and have become a nation that wields its power irresponsibly through a fraudulent monetary system and the untethered use of force in numerous conflicts.

The Road to a Just and Free Nation Begins with Restoring Integrity

It’s time to reignite a new American Dream and become the shining beacon of freedom once again. This starts with restoring integrity within our own borders. As President, I will break from tradition and appoint individuals who are outsiders and whistleblowers to my cabinet, not just bureaucrats who are part of the existing system.

My first act of leadership will be to grant pardons to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, and respectfully request the patriotic Snowden to lead the charge of a National Whistleblower program for every division of the federal government.

The outcome of this election will determine the fate of our freedoms. I am eager to join forces with you in reclaiming our power, unifying our party, and regaining control of our great nation.