Entrepreneur and Activist Aaron R Day Launches “The Final Countdown” Book and Presidential Bid to Restore Liberty and Thwart Global Tyranny

NASHUA, NH July 20, 2023 – As the Federal Reserve prepares to launch its FedNow instant payment system this month, a move that could enable future Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), entrepreneur and activist Aaron R Day is sounding the alarm. Day recently released his timely book “The Final Countdown: Crypto, Gold, Silver and the People’s Last Stand Against Tyranny by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)” across multiple formats and announced a 2024 presidential bid. His aim is to awaken citizens to the threat of CBDCs and restore America’s founding principles before it’s too late.

Day’s groundbreaking work offers a chilling vision of a future where CBDCs enable unprecedented government control and 24/7 surveillance of all financial transactions. He outlines how the FedNow system, slated to go live nationwide in July 2023, could pave the way for this dystopian reality. However, Day’s book also equips readers with practical guides to counter CBDCs through self-custody cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and other decentralized options.

Through his presidential campaign, Day seeks to implement sweeping reforms to wrest power from the elite and return it to the people. However, he stresses that with FedNow’s imminent launch, the urgent priority is a peaceful revolution of non-violent non-compliance by withdrawing funds from banks before CBDCs can be unleashed.

Day recently delivered a powerful talk on his new book to a packed venue at the Free State Project’s Porcfest Event in New Hampshire, the largest liberty event in the world, earning acclaim from Jeffrey Tucker, founder and President of the Brownstone Institute “Aaron’s talk was a huge revelation for me and I believe I follow these developments. Indeed, his speech was both terrifying and realistic. We realized that stopping this might in fact be our most important policy priority.” 

Day declares, “We must unite now to stop CBDCs through peaceful resistance. My book sounds the alarm about the dangers of CBDCs, which will be enabled by systems like FedNow and proposes alternatives to protect our autonomy. Together, we can ignite a revolution to rescue liberty before it’s too late.”

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