Nashua, NH – February 6, 2023 – Aaron R. Day, forty-six-year-old serial entrepreneur, leader of multiple pro-liberty organizations and political activist with almost 30 years of experience announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election with the formation of a Candidate Committee and filing with the FEC. With the rise of global tyranny, Day believes that America’s limitless potential and freedoms are in imminent danger. In response, he has launched the Truth and Transformation (TnT) Revolution, a grassroots movement rooted in radical non-compliance and a dedicated recommitment to the Constitution. 

“America has always been a symbol of hope and unlimited possibilities,” says Day. “However, today, our nation is in a state of crisis. The globalists have infiltrated our country and are promoting a dehumanizing agenda based on scarcity, fear, and centralization of power. Their plan to impose a censorable digital currency and a control system with social credit scores, digital IDs, vaccine passports, and more, must be stopped.” 

“My first act of leadership will be to grant pardons to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, and respectfully request the patriotic Snowden to lead the charge of a National Whistleblower program for every division of the federal government.” 

Day believes that the leadership of both parties has failed the American people. Despite President Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again,” Day laments that he increased the national debt in one term more than any other president in history, pushed deadly vaccines, fueled inflation, filled the swamp with more cronies, and favored big corporations over small businesses. Meanwhile, President Biden has taken these failures to new heights, mandating the harmful vaccines, fueling division through identity politics, demonstrating a willingness to sell our sovereignty to the highest bidder, and pushing the nation to the brink of World War III for personal interests. 

“We the People deserve better,” says Day. “It’s time for a new day for America.” Day’s platform is built on three pillars: restoring constitutional rights that have been stripped from the people; empowering citizens to fight against global tyranny through non-violent resistance and community-driven activism; and restoring integrity and American independence by cleaning up corruption and ending cronyism in government. 

“The era of pinning our hopes and dreams on politicians to save the day are over. Protecting our freedom starts with We the People saving ourselves by standing up and saying ‘No’: 

  • No to fake/Ponzi money 
  • No to the public health depopulation agenda.  
  • No to masks. 
  • No to bioweapons masked as vaccines. 
  • No to public nutrition guidelines that make us fat, sick, and unable to reproduce. 
  • No to being programmed by a mainstream media manipulated by the American Deep state. 
  • No to the indoctrination of our children in government schools. 
  • No to censorship of free speech through the unholy alliance of big tech and the government surveillance apparatus. 

With non-violent resistance as our foundation, we can create sound money for all, health freedom for all, unplug from the matrix, and expose and remove corruption within our government.  

With a combination of out-of-the-box thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, activism, political expertise, and principled leadership, Day is confident that he has what it takes to lead America to greatness. “Join me in this fight to reclaim our natural rights, freedoms, and restore America as a beacon of hope and unlimited possibility,” he says. 

The campaign will be accepting donations in fiat dollars as well as the following cryptocurrencies: Ravencoin (RVN) Bitcoin (BTC, BSV, BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) 

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