Unless there is a discussion about separating money and state and fighting global tyranny (which isn’t China and Russia) but rather an elite group pulling the strings of orgs like the UN, WEF, BIS, World Bank, and IMF, then the debate will be just a manufactured polarity contest focusing on trivial issues.

That is what I expect. I expect the questions to be of the nature:
1/ Trump is bad
2/ China is bad
3/ Russia is bad
4/ Covid is bad
5/ Biden is bad
6/ Woke is bad (narrowly defined)
7/ Wind/solar bad
8/ Deep state bad
9/ All social problems are caused by external forces
10/ taxes should be lowered to maximize revenue to the state

And most of the candidates solutions will be more military, more oil, pipe dream strategies to fix the deep state (riff on Drain the Swamp), and more government intervention (just in a Republicany way).

I’ll give you my answers to the questions up front noting that they don’t matter because the Uniparty, politicized courts, and deep state would halt any meaningful reforms I would try to enact.

1/ Trump should be pardoned for all of the stuff he is charged with because we live in a banana Republic and this stuff is completely arbitrary. After pardoning him, he should be immediately sent to Nuremberg 2.0 and charged with genocide for Operation Warp Speed and his covid tyranny.
2/ China isn’t the enemy, they are the globalist test case. We need to fix ourselves first and then renegotiate from a position of strength.
3/ We need to exit Ukraine, exit Nato, and stop WW3.
4/ Every one of the other Republican candidates was either duped by or was a co-conspirator in covid tyranny and should exit the race.
5/ Biden is bad, and also a puppet. We need to focus on who is pulling the strings, not the puppets. Pardon him and send him to Nuremberg 2.0 with trump.
6/ Woke is bad, but the ultimate source of woke is the UN/WEF. They are the enemy that needs to be targeted. You have to cut off the head of the snake. Doing stuff 3 and 4 levels down is meaningless. We should exit the UN and prosecute the people at the top of the organized incompetence pyramid hierarchy who engineered covid, ESG, DIE, and the other elements of the UN Agenda 2030.
7/ Energy: release the 5000+ patents suppressed under the Invention secrecy act. We have probably had nearly clean and abundant energy for 70 years and have suppressed it to benefit the oil companies and crony green industry. Provide a path for amnesty for people who come forward about the suppression with stiff penalties for not being fully honest.
8/ The Deep state: I would make Ed Snowden either VP or head of a national whistleblowers program. Cut the deep state and offer amnesty for people who come clean immediately and stiff penalties for those who don’t.
9/ Implement a flat tax of 0%

Of course, none of what I say can be implemented either. So, in reality we are at a stage of radical non-compliance and/or mass civil disobedience. I propose and have started leading citizen-led boycott starting with the fiat dollar (see pinned tweet) and then moving to public health, MSM, big tech, and public schools. Then we can have an open discussion about building American 2.0 from first principles.

People will think this is too extreme until they wake up living in a pod with social credit score, CBDC, UBI, and have lost their free will.

This is the least important election in your lifetime and your local elections are as useless as federal. The threat is global and non-compliance is the way. Change yourself, change the world.